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Senior Management Team

nickNick BusseyNick Bussey – Chief Executive -- Ultimate responsibility for all day-to-day management decisions and for developing and implementing the Company's long and short term strategic plans. Nick also focusses on networking and building new partnerships with, he reports to the Trustee Board and manages the senior management team. Nick works three days per week.
lauraLaura WagstaffLaura Wagstaff -- Volunteer and Training Manager -- Laura's role involves advertising, recruiting and supporting volunteers, supporting them through their development and helping to integrate them in to the wider team. The different roles available include face to face Gateway, Advice, Telephone and Web Advice, as well as Administration and Reception roles. Laura works closely with Marie and Sandi to ensure new volunteers are quickly integrated in to the different teams.
marieMarie BallMarie Ball -- Service Development Manager -- Marie's is responsible for the development and management of digital services within the bureau which includes phone, web and email advice services. Marie also helps with monitoring performance against the Local Authority service level agreement, as well as the coordination and consistency of quality of advice within the bureau and working with Laura to support the development of new advice volunteers.
steveSteve FoersSteve Foers -- Debt Advice Manager -- Steve's role includes managing and supporting the Money Advice Service Debt Advice Project (MASDAP) team which includes specialist caseworkers and support staff. Steve undertakes some of his own casework, but his primary focus is to supervise caseworkers and ensure the service meets targets, both numeric and quality.
picture1Sandi Sandi -- Face to Face Advice Manager -- Sandi's role includes developing and managing all face to face advice services, whether they are delivered at our main office or through an outreach service across Rotherham. As well as face to face gateway advice, Sandi's team includes specialist form filling, appeal advice, outreach and project staff. Sandi oversees the quality of advice and works with Laura to support the development of new advice volunteers.
kayKay ShemeldKay Shemeld -- Resource Manager -- Kay's role includes managing the reception, IT and admin teams, including the specialist debt support workers. Her role also includes a range of responsibilities for important areas such the Health & Safety, Human Resources and Financial controls. Kay has overall responsibility for the management of the RAIN Building and liaising with council staff in the event of any problems.